Quote of the Day

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“Walking straight towards me dressed all in black with black sunglasses, supported by a woman who was also dressed in all black and flanked by two bodyguards, was David Bowie. I had an LSD flashback in which he appeared to me as wizened, unshaven and old, as if he had spent the last fifteen years constantly harassed by the world. I had a fleeting vision that this man might have once sold his soul to the devil. It was an illusion and he was probably just suffering from a late night. He swept passed me looking straight ahead. I was dumbstruck.”

–Holly Johnson, lead singer of

Frankie Goes to Hollywood,

describing an encounter from 1987

(A Bone in My Flute, 263)

Quotes of the Day

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“The London gay scene, trendy and influenced by the New York and LA scenes, was a new experience for me. Heaven was a mecca for handsome muscle-bound creatures, snorting poppers and ethyl (chloride), dancing under the laser lights to pumping rhythms and disco divas. It was this dangerous, perhaps even threatening style–the fetishes and the eroticism–that was to form the ‘Frankie’ style, introducing something new into mainstream pop culture.”

–Holly Johnson, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, A Bone in My Flute, 148

Quotes of the Day

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“In the eighties music video was the laboratory: while commercials and film in that era tended toward tightly controlled client-author supervision and careful storyboarding, a music video director or editor might try anything.”

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“Old-school music videos circulating heavily on Youtube look fabulous. (They blow away contemporary ones, though no one could ever imagine shooting such grand creations today.”)

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“I will float the claim that many eighties videos possess more charm, allure, or power than their contemporaries today, not only because a community cared about them, and work was so novel, but because the audiovisual relations were special. In eighties videos, directors were trying to discover how to get the new technology of videotape to catch up with the song.”

–All quotes Carol Vernallis, Unruly Media: Youtube, Music Video, and the New Digital Cinema, 5, 131, 211

Quote of the Day

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“I don’t think anyone’s done enough [about AIDS], and I don’t know what can be done. I plan on being very involved. I have been in the past, maybe less vocally than I have about the environment. With Green, I came to be known as the recycle singer…. But I think this presidential election will prove that the AIDS crisis and dedicating our money to research are important issues.”

Michael Stipe, Rolling Stone, 1992

Quote of the Day

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“ ‘We knew a lot of people thought we’re a joke,’ [Boy] George reflected later, ‘and in some ways we were. But what also happened was, we let the image get out of control. After Colour by Numbers, we just lost it. We lost our simplicity, everything became a bit too grand, too overproduced, we forgot about the songs.”

–From Dave Marsh, Trapped: Michael Jackson and the Crossover Dream (Toronto: Bantam Books, 1985), 303

Quote of the Day

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“To me, Thriller seems like the last time that everyone on the planet got excited at the same time by the same thing: no matter where you went in the world, they were playing those songs, and you could dance to them. Since then, the fragmentation of pop culture has destroyed our sense of collective exhilaration, and I miss that.”

–Nancy Griffin, “The Thriller Diaries,” Vanity Faire, 2010