Quote of the Day

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“I don’t think anyone’s done enough [about AIDS], and I don’t know what can be done. I plan on being very involved. I have been in the past, maybe less vocally than I have about the environment. With Green, I came to be known as the recycle singer…. But I think this presidential election will prove that the AIDS crisis and dedicating our money to research are important issues.”

Michael Stipe, Rolling Stone, 1992

Quote of the Day

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“ ‘We knew a lot of people thought we’re a joke,’ [Boy] George reflected later, ‘and in some ways we were. But what also happened was, we let the image get out of control. After Colour by Numbers, we just lost it. We lost our simplicity, everything became a bit too grand, too overproduced, we forgot about the songs.”

–From Dave Marsh, Trapped: Michael Jackson and the Crossover Dream (Toronto: Bantam Books, 1985), 303

Quote of the Day

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“To me, Thriller seems like the last time that everyone on the planet got excited at the same time by the same thing: no matter where you went in the world, they were playing those songs, and you could dance to them. Since then, the fragmentation of pop culture has destroyed our sense of collective exhilaration, and I miss that.”

–Nancy Griffin, “The Thriller Diaries,” Vanity Faire, 2010

Quotes of the Day


“I got married because I didn’t confront the real problem in my life, that I was a drug addict. I thought getting married would change all the unhappiness the drug addiction brought me. I got married to a wonderful woman who loved me very much. I loved her, but not obviously in the physical sense. I thought it would change. I thought, ‘This will change it. I’ll now become happy.’ But the problem was that when I got married I still stuck cocaine up my nose and I still drank a bottle of Scotch a day. Nothing change.”

–Elton John, on his 1984 marriage to sound technician Renate Blauel. Quoted in Buckley, Elton: The Biography, 282.

“I think what was happening was that Elton was losing popularity, particularly in the Deep South. I think he persuaded himself that he wasn’t gay and that he was bi, and therefore he could have a heterosexual marriage.”

Charlie Morgan, Elton John’s drummer, quoted in Buckley, Elton: The Biography, 281.